About Us

You may have heard of Luke House. But it’s almost as likely you’ve never heard of us – especially if you’ve never been desperately hungry. That’s because we go about our work very quietly, serving free meals nine times a week.

Luke House has been feeding Madison’s hungry at 310 South Ingersoll Street since 1986. Our mission is simple: we feed the hungry, no questions asked. Our guests show up and we feed them. No paperwork, no screening. Just show up and eat.

We serve Madison’s hungry year-round, rain or shine. At each meal, we serve between 60 and 120 guests.

We do all this with the help of volunteers from the community and 35 different local churches. We receive no money from the city, county, state or federal government. All of our funding is from private donors like you.

Among our guests are Madison’s poorest. The reasons for poverty are complex, but we know that providing the hungry with food and a safe place to eat it is a vital way to help alleviate some suffering.

We do not solve all of the problems encountered by the poor, but we do our best to bring food and comfort to those who need it most. Hunger is insidious. It can be dehumanizing and horrific. We work hard to alleviate some of the pain and suffering caused by hunger in our community.

Be part of our quiet mission by making a gift today.