Creating Connections

Connecting as Church

Faith is what motivates our volunteers, who provide, prepare and serve the food, and then eat with the people who come to Luke House for hospitality. The Community Meal Program enables people to serve alongside members of their own church and to live out their faith with members of their own faith community. The Community Meal Program is an important and practical way of being church for the faith communities who make Luke House a part of their lives.

Before each meal is served, volunteers come together for a few moments and pray. As the volunteers go about their work and as they share the meal with others, they keep in mind that what they are doing is an expression of their faith. Their experience of this ministry of hospitality helps to create a strong connection with people in their own faith community.

Connecting with Community

The Community Meal Program does not operate as a “soup kitchen.” Instead, the volunteers who provide, prepare and serve the food at Luke House also sit down and share the meal with the people who come to eat. In fact, sitting down to eat the meal together is the most important part of The Community Meal Program.

In our stratified society, there are few opportunities for people from such a wide range of circumstances to come together in the way they do at Luke House. The Community Meal Program brings together people across races, religions and social spheres to share a table, some time and a meal. That meal and the atmosphere of hospitality in which it’s offered are important to the guests who come to Luke House to eat. And the volunteers who make The Community Meal Program work find value both in serving and in being served. Although there is no financial charge for the meals at Luke House, the cost paid is emotional.

The shared hospitality The Community Meal Program strives to offer helps to minimize the emotional cost for our guests
but cannot eliminate it.